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Digital Mens Watches: Swiss Traditional Generation

The art is exquisite, famous for its digital mens wrist watches elegance, exquisiteness and innovation, and it is highly concerned by the fashion crowd in the market. The digital mens wrist watches have high quality and practical features, and are affable, mature and elegant. It is the best choice for people with good tastes.  It has a size of 40.5 mm, which is very suitable for men to wear, and the black dial with a golden hour mark gives a visual impact. The stainless steel gold case is quite high-profile and is tough and wear resistant. The black leather strap looks more orthodox, more business, and is ideal for men who are stylish and elegant, and who like to show their personality.  The black dial is decorated digital quartz watches with vertical stripes and adds a layered feel. Simple and conspicuous time scale, orange arrow chronograph second hand, plus a rotating bezel with luminous function, a convex calendar and a helium valve, all elements reflect the depth of the diving watches style. Viewed from the side, the watches presents a rough atmosphere, stylish and dynamic. The steel case with a rubber strap is the choice for a typical sports watches.     Digital mens wrist watches, use the screw-in type to improve the waterproof performance, the other digital watches two timing buttons are treated with pits for easy operation. The bottom of the watch is made of pure stainless steel, and the bottom cover is designed with a submersible door type, which reflects the depth of water (500 meters). In addition, the rubber strap with the watches uses a folding buckle, which provides sufficient safety and can adjust the length according to the thickness of the wrist. The design is very intimate. The earliest Chronograph was invented in 1821 by a Frenchman named Nicholas Rieussec. Because this person likes to bet on horses, the chronograph he invented at the time was used for horse racing time. The chronograph at that digital square watches time was not as complicated as it is now, only the beginning and the end, but the use of "drip ink" to calculate the time, but also "simple" without losing the original intention: when starting the timing, the dial rotates, to stop timing, Pressing the stop button will drop a drop of ink onto the dial. This is the sign that shows the time of use. It is said that the zeroing function of the chronograph will not appear until 1884, because a British watchmaker Adolphe Nicole wanted to add a heart-shaped cam to the movement, which made the second hand zero. Function, but the timer at that time can only do 60 seconds, until today directly formed the current digital watches.