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Digital sport watches The motion sensor is a 3D accelerometer that senses the three-dimensional motion acceleration digital sport watches generated by a human body when walking, such as walking, so that the number of steps per unit time can be recorded. The movement speed and distance of the human body are calculated by the input step size, and the calories burned are estimated by the input weight. The advantage is that it can be used for outdoor indoor sports, weather-proof and very power-saving, and can store motion data for a few days. The digital sport watches calculate the distance moved per unit time by accepting the satellite position signal WAYPOINT and estimate the speed of the movement. The accuracy of the position signal is determined by the strength of the satellite signal and the sampling rate. For example, the accuracy of the 1-second sampling rate is obviously higher than the 60-second sampling rate. However, too high a sampling rate can cause the battery to drain too quickly. The advantage is that the trajectory of the movement can be recorded and synchronized to the map. The digital sport watches measure the heart rate of the trendy digital watches human body by sensing the heart current of the human body. The human body has different heart rate at different exercise intensity. The international percentage of the digital mens wrist watches heart rate of the exercise heart rate is divided into light activities: 50-60%, aerobic exercise 60-75%, endurance training 75-85%, intensity Training 85%-100%. Different training heart rate areas can achieve different training effects. Display the status at normal time, press and hold the START button to display the date, press and hold the RESET button to display the alarm time. Run the stopwatches. In the normal time display, press the MODE button once to enter the running stopwatches working mode, press the START button to stop the work. Press the START button again to stop the watches, display the timing number, press the RESET button to clear the number, press the MODE button to return to the normal time display. Alarm time setting: Under the normal time display, press the MODE button twice, then press the STSRT button to calibrate the hour, press the RESET button once, then press the STSRT button to calibrate the minute, and press the MODE button to return.