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A classic watches that is too classic. digital square watches This watches uses the ultra-thin movement of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.976, which is only 4.15 mm thick. Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced the worlds thinnest movement in ultra-thin. The manufacturing process of the movement and the complex movement is undoubted. With the unique flip-flop design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre, it reflects the personality and fashion taste. After nearly nine decades of baptism. The digital square watches collection is the ultimate example of watches and a modern interpretation of square and rectangular models. The digital square watches series of circular lines are the first to predict the aesthetic rules of Art Deco style, and its geometric design is a modern standard of aesthetics. The digital square watches collection with the ultimate in modern style is a triumphant expression of pure elegance and timeless design. Digital square watches are a symbol of life style for many fanatics: they avoid luxury and boast, and prefer simple and authentic elegance. The long rectangular case design of watches emphasizes the harmonious blend of lines and curves, and the warm tones of the digital square watches highlight the balanced and balanced design of the watches. The silver dial enhances the contemporary interpretation of the classic interpretation of the classic, the suns radial engraving on the dial and the slim digital square watches shape time scale, enriching the design of the watches elegant watches. Speaking of square watches,digital mens wrist watches my first thought is the digital square watches digital watches flip series watches, a classic watches series, this watches uses the digital square watches ultra-thin movement Cal.976, trendy digital watches the thickness is only 4.15 mm (product The company has produced the worlds thinnest movement, and the manufacturing process in ultra-thin movements and complex movements is undoubted. With the unique flip-flop design of Jaeger-LeCoultre, it reflects the personality and fashion taste. The dial width is: 30mm. Roman numerals are used as the time scale in the silver rectangular dial, and the big three needles are used as the time guide. A calendar display is available at 6 o'clock. The rectangular dial is still surrounded by a scale into a small rectangle, leaving the center position to the pointer and also locking the human vision in the center. The ETA2617 automatic movement is mounted on the back of the bottom. With 38 hours of kinetic energy storage. Although the dial is small, it can also coexist with the position of the movement. Perhaps this is a kind of insistence on machinery when digital square watches.