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Digital sports watches can be a valuable tool for runners and athletes. Many digital watches are easier to read than traditional analog watches, and have many advanced features that are invaluable to serious athletes. That is to say, digital watches come in all shapes, sizes and prices, and the maxim that "you get the price you pay" is absolutely suitable for this. Many digital watches, especially cheaper ones, are not very good, especially belts are often problematic. The ladies digital display watches that don't stay on your wrists don't do much good for you. We created this list as a guide to help you find the best digital sports ladies digital display watches watch on the market. Of course, we can't report all of this, but these ten are capable watches that can run a variety of budgets. If you are purchasing ladies digital display watches, please read this guide first. If you are more interested in analog sports watches, we will also provide you with guidance. 1. Waterproof design If you are a swimmer, especially if you are a swimmer training for a sport, then the ability to exercise underwater is critical. Some cheap sports watches may not perform well under water (or not at all), so if this is important to you, you should be aware. 2. Timer Having a timer that can record running, digital mens wrist watches laps or other vital digital watches statistics can be very important for an athlete. How long does it take to run this mile? Even if you are not participating in any professional field, the timer is still useful because it allows you to measure the progress from day to week to the next week. 3. Durability If you have ever bought a cheap watch from a discount store, you probably know that the watch is just as good as its strap. After all, if a watch can't stay on your wrist, it won't be good for you if you are digital square watches running a circle. If you are swimming, your performance will be even worse. Therefore, having a durable strap is critical to any sports watch. 4. Easy to read Not all displays look the same. Some of them may be difficult to read. If you are the kind of person who fights with it, take a look at the screenshot. If you can't read the number on your computer screen, you won't be able to read it at runtime. 5. Price For sports watches, the price may not be the main focus. Unlike fashion watches, sports watches pay more attention to function than form. Although there are exceptions, most of the costs are less than $20 or $30. Quick overview: the most suitable digital sports watch for women.